Aaron Martin Cardona

Aaron Martin Cardona, of Lakewood, Colorado, passed away on November 22, 2018. As always, Aaron did it his way. He lived his life with an abundance of joy. He went to every movie premiere. He went on hundreds of outings with his caretaker, Jill. He ate as many foods as his dietitian would allow, with as much ketchup as he could. Aaron loved 1980’s and 1990’s sitcoms, so he blended in with the best of us. Aaron was a man who knew what he wanted and he never let anyone take that away from him.

Aaron is survived by his beautiful mother, Sandra Just; her charismatic partner, Woodie Bonner; his extraordinary sister, Gaby Cardona; in addition to his grandmother, Suzanne Just and his loving caretaker, Jill. To honor Aaron, his family is requesting donations to fund a campership to Camp Paha, a summer camp for children and young adults with disabilities, run by the City of Lakewood. Camp Paha is life changing for campers and their families because it provides the opportunity for campers to build life skills, independence, friendships and have fun is a safe and nurturing environment.

Honorary Donations Mail To:

Friends of Paha
P. O. Box 260348, Lakewood, CO 80226