Holiday Giving Campaign

Make a difference in the lives of campers this holiday season by donating to the Adopt a Camper fundraiser. Your
donation will help fund camperships, activities, and supplies for Camp Paha 2020. 

How does my donation make a difference?

$60 Sponsor a camper for one day
$300 Sponsor a camper for one week  
$1980 Sponsor a camper for full summer 

Do you want to support camp in other areas? Here's what your donation can cover:

Field Trips

  • $20 RTD tickets for an outing     
  • $50 Bowling 
  • $80 A trip to the aquarium
  • $150 A trip to the zoo

Activity Supplies

  • $5 A gallon of bubbles
  • $10 A sensory toy          
  • $30 A science experiment  
  • $40 New puzzles and games

Medical/Personal Care

  • $15 Sunscreen 
  • $30 A case of wipes
  • $75 Nursing supplies
  • $100 A case of gloves

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