2020 Online Campership Application

Friends of Paha (FOP) is a non-profit volunteer Board that exists to support campers and their families attending Paha programs. FOP offers various levels of support.


Complete the following form accurately and honestly for each camper/participant (referred to collectively as ‘camper’).
An application for Paha Campership must be completed by the same parent/guardian for each camper in the household.


This is not a registration form for entry into Camp Paha or Paha Adults in Transition. You must first register with Paha prior to completing this application (www.Lakewood.org/Paha) as your camper must be registered to be considered for funding. Campership applications will be reviewed and awarded on an ongoing basis according to available funds. Applicants will be notified within one month of submitting their application if they will receive funding. Camperships will be awarded per camper. Incomplete applications or applications for campers who are not already registered for Paha may not be considered.

Important Changes for 2020

FOP has become aware that some third party funding opportunities will not be eligible to be used for Camp Paha in 2020. As such, we are anticipating a major increase in applications. Typically, FOP receives between 20 and 30 applications each year and has been able to fund most of these in the past three years. We anticipate closer to 70 applications this year but our budget is similar to previous years and we will not be able to fund as many applications as we have in the past. As such, and to maintain a fair application system, FOP will only be funding one session of camp per camper application in 2020. FOP strongly recommends exploring other funding options, wherever possible.


The official Campership application deadline was midnight  February 29, 2020.  All new applications will be automatically added to a waitlist. Friends of Paha will be review applications in March 2020 and awarding funds (as able) by March 31, 2020. Please submit your applications as soon as possible for your best chance to secure funding.

Please complete the following form, or visit the form directly at: https://forms.gle/TDqspaqJjBdufkbm9