About Us

Friends of Paha was founded in 2003 by a caring group of parents, grandparents and community volunteers associated with Lakewood's Camp Paha program. This group combined their skills and talents in order to raise support for operational costs and to help individual campers pay their camp fees. 

Each year, Friends of Paha accomplishes this goal by applying for grants from foundations and organizations and by hosting several fundraising events.  Since 2003, Friends of Paha has raised over $500,000 for Camp Paha. This ongoing support helps keep Camp Paha operating each summer and ensures camp fees remain affordable for families.

Ilima Kane, President

Ilima works in the tech industry and an avid volunteer and coach for Special Olympics in Denver. She brings her passion of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to succeed and be healthy.

Justin Lampe, Secretary

Justin Lampe works in the home inspection industry. Justin is committed to meeting the needs of all individuals and is passionate about Camp Paha. Justin has lived in the Denver Metro Area since 2008 and has been a board member with Friends of Paha since 2016.

Tommye Barnett, Treasurer

Tommye is a co-founder of EnerCom, Inc., and served as Vice President and CFO from its founding until 2017. She appreciates the critical role of Camp Paha in enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families and wants to help build awareness and community support through her service to the Board.

Sean Lopp

Sean works at a small software company and lives in Littleton. Sean worked at Camp Paha for four years and is excited to help the board support such a wonderful community, especially with his technical expertise.

Chelsea Turner Avery

Chelsea is the co-founder of AveryToday, Inc. and lives in Littleton with her husband and daughter. She grew up in Lakewood and her very first job at 16 was a counselor at Camp Paha. She worked there five summers and attributes Camp Paha for steering her towards obtaining her Master of Social Work from Portland State University. Chelsea joined the board in October 2017 and is thrilled to support such an empowering program for both campers and staff alike!

Past Board Members


Ashley Perillo, President

Darcie Coy, Treasurer
Mark Snow, City Liason

Margaraget Stashack, Secretary

Cece Litherland

Tim Litherland

Julie Osborne

Lucie Lawrence



Robin Vint, President

Liane Heggy, Treasurer

Sue Reams, Secretary (2011-2012)

Margaraget Stashack, Secretary (2012-2013)

Cece Litherland

Tim Litherland



Phil Kimmerle, President

Liane Heggy, Treasurer

Sue Reams, Secretary


Other Former Members

Kaelyn Eaton

Sara Roper

John DeMaio

Jo Burns